Class Testimonials 

Dear Carla:

I feel it is an honor to study with you since you have such a vast storehouse of knowledge about aromatherapy and healing modalities.  You were extremely well prepared and professional for our Raindrop class. Your instructions telling us how to prepare for the class were very helpful and made the day flow smoothly.  The handout notes are good.  We had plenty of book knowledge and hands-on experience to really get the most out of the day. 

I appreciated your generosity in making us a delicious vegan lunch.  I was thrilled that we had such attentive instruction.  I would highly recommend your class to anyone and hope to learn more from you again some time.

Thanks ever so much,


Dear Carla ~

Your Raindrop Technique Class on May 24 was such an amazing learning experience working with the healing Young Living oils and the energy of the body! 

'Thank You' for your patience, Love, and clear, concise teaching ways which allowed me to learn the technique through experiencing the incredible energetic releases and shifts throughout the day.  Your Love of the oils and immense experience shined through.  The group atmosphere was supportive, respectful and filled with wonder as we experienced the quality and healing of each oil.  The combination of your teachings, Marilyn's assistance, and the space everyone so lovingly held for each other and themselves led to an amazing amount of work in a few hours.  It has been two weeks since the class and I am still feeing the releases, balance and energetic frequencies of the healing properties of the oils as a part of the rhythm of my body.  'Thank You' again for your grace, enthusiasm and loving intent to show us the value and aliveness of the Raindrop Technique using YL oils.


Kathleen Carline
Massage/Reiki Master Therapist 
Healing Vibrations Massage

_____________________________________________________________________________________  © Carla Sridevi Cohen 2012