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2017 Classes

 Essential Oils have been used for balancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems since pre-Egyptian time. They can help improve our immune systems, increase longevity and help us de-stress. Come and learn about the different grades oils and what they can do. Classes & locations subject to change. Advance reservation please. 

As consumers become more savvy, more and more people are realizing that they are being exposed to health risks on a regular basis from chemicals in their food, water, personal care products, pet products and environment. Healthcare has become sick care and resetting our systems back to ground zero has become crucial.  This is not about managing conditions after they had manifested, but learning how to prevent going “below the line”. Our courses offer you a lifeline for simple changes that can improve your health and longevity by offering you simple, manageable solutions that reduce your toxic exposure, improve your diet and incorporate essential oils and essential oil-based products into your wellness lifestyle. All classes are by RSVP only. Cash.

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Healing Key - Long Beach 

Saturday, June 3

2117 E. 7th Street

Long Beach CA 90804

10:00 am  - 6:30 pm 

Created by Young Living Founder and Visionary, Gary Young with support from Lakota Elder, Wallace Black Elk, Raindrop is a blend of various aspects of conventional massage, oriental acupressure, reflexology and Native American healing techniques. The treatment involves applying Therapeutic-grade essential oils to the spine, feet and back in a particular sequence with a specific form of therapeutic-touch. Raindrop can help Reduce Stress, help Balance the Central Nervous System, Speed the healing of Injuries, Release Physical and Emotional Trauma,Restore Balance to the Body and Soul; Improve Function and Awareness of your Breath; Reduce Pain and Inflammation; Improve Your Ability to Function and Reduce Procrastination. $165 by May 25th. $180 after. Non refundable. 

Students are expected to be in class the entire time as we will be giving sessions to each other. Lunch and oils included, but you will be required to bring a set of pre-washed twin fitted sheets and two small towels 14 x 29 inch towels. 

Emotional Transformation with Young Living

Healing Key - Long Beach

Sunday, June 25 

2117 E. 7th Street

Long Beach CA 90804

10 - 1 pm 

Essential oils can help you create freedom and profound change in seconds.

Learn and experience simple and advanced effective protocols for supporting you in creating more of what you truly want. $35 advance; $45 at the door.

Carla Cohen

Young Living Distributor



****RSVP Required for all classes. Call or email to reserve your space. Prepay on Paypal to If your plans change last minute, please call us. Class fee is non refundable. Classes and locations are subject to change. If you would like to host a class, please let us know. When you RSVP you will be given exact address.  No recording of any kind please  © Carla Sridevi Cohen 2012