Essential Harmony Healing


I probably spent 15 years or more taking classes on various aspects of esoteric healing. I still do if something calls me. In the very beginning, I was lucky because there was a woman who ran a Cosmic Academy of Healing Arts (kind of like a modern day Hogwarts ) designed to keep alive the ancient healing arts. While there, I was one of her projects. She was tougher on me than other students, but I ate up every moment.  Up until then, I knew I had some psychic abilities, but she helped me develop them.  I learned distance healing, Crystal healing, tarot card reading, Psychometry, Body Reading and more. Around that time, I also met a Lakota Chief who initiated me in Native American Healing. I did a number of sweat lodges with him. I remember my first sweat lodge. The heat was suffocating and I kept hoping that any minute someone would say it was over. Prayer after prayer and so much heat and smoke. HA! Finally, after much story telling and praying, I had to get out into the air. The heat was beyond intense. I landed on my face in the dirt, passing out from the heat right outside the tent. Not very pretty. He threw a bucket of cold water on me to revive me. Probably not the romantic vision that most people have of a sweat lodge experience!

From there I learned from other Shaman, Holy Men and Women and various amazing Healers. One of my initiations involved working with a Swami from Australia . During part of the Swami placed snakes all over me. Up until that time, I was very afraid of snakes and had no interest in making friends, but something happened inside as a result of the experience. My fear turned to fascination and I actually started to enjoy the feeling of all those serpents crawling all over me. Another pivotal moment for me was when I walked on fire up in Mt. Shasta. I never would have predicted that I would do it, but in the moment, I felt invited by the fire. I was not burned at all.  I met some amazing Healers and Saints while traveling in Bali, India, Ecuador and there are stories throughout, but the end result is that the synthesis of these experiences took me to another place within myself which made me a better person and healer. For every layer of fear that was dropped, I felt more present and this process helped me to give greater space to my clients.  My sessions became much more subtle, but also much more powerful. I have had people come back to me two years later and tell me they just figured out what I did. 

After many years of studying and teaching what I learned from Healers and Shaman all over the world, I wanted to be able to speak more comfortably with medical professionals, so I studied massage at a variety of schools throughout California.  I wanted the anatomy, so I could better describe what I was feeling intuitively. Out of all the schools, and there were many, my favorite was Esalen, because Esalen emphasized a slow paced, full body approach that did not isolate any part of the body in the process of treatment. The consciousness of the land that Esalen sits on has its own medicine. Many of the world's greatest healers have taught or been taught at Esalen. The ground is sacred with the vibration of generations of gifted healers. After I completed my certification in massage, a friend suggested that I work in sports medicine. That seemed like a good idea at the time.  While in a clinical setting, I was able to evolve my bodywork into what it is today. 

Essential Harmony Healing synthesizes Cranial Sacral, Body Harmony, Deep Tissue, Body Talk, Myofacial Release, Rolfing, Feldenkries and Gestalt with my natural Clairvoyant and Empathic abilities. I am able to deeply connected with your body's memories and access the programming in your tissue. Each body's tissue has a language all its own. How your tissue moves or doesn't move or the way it pulses tells me a lot. Somehow, just by being heard and being asked what it wants, your tissue will often choose to unwind, lengthen, breathe. New possibilities for movement just seem to appear and be natural, but there is not always a sense that something "big" happened in the moment. The process of a session allows your body to better connect with itself and when it works as a more cohesive unit, you will experience more synchronisity in your outer world. You become better equipped to see possibilities where you might have experienced limitations before. 

Essential Harmony can help you: improve your creative process, breathe better, have more mobility, let go of fear that is holding you back, improve digestion, decrease or completely let go of back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. It is also excellent for dealing with traumatic emotional and physical experiences as well as fortifying the immune system.

My work permeates throughout many levels. It addresses your tissues, your mind, your subtle energies and your emotional and physical bodies. See you on the table :)  © Carla Sridevi Cohen 2012